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30 Apr 2013

MSF releases a new report on mental health in Iraq

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Iraq issued on 29 April 2013 a new report on mnetal health in Iraq and announced it through a press release.

"MSF’s new report Healing Iraqis: The Challenges of Providing Mental Health Care in Iraq , records examples of the impact constant day to day violence have had on many Iraqi men, women and children, and describes the development, together with the Ministry of Health, of a programme to provide counselling care. The international organisation says there is an urgent need to scale up mental health care services in the country. MSF calls on the Iraqi Ministry of Health, and those who support them, to improve the quality and access to mental health services by integrating counselling in to existing health facilities across Iraq. MSF also notes that more must be done to reduce the stigma of mental health to encourage people to come forward for counselling".

The report and press release are available in Arabic and English.

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