13 Apr 2014

KCRO - Seminar on Increasing Women's Capabilities

On 31/3/2014 Kurdistan Civil Rights Organization (KCRO) held a Seminar at the University of Dohuk with presence of a large group of academics ,teachers and students about 'encouraging women and increasing her capabilities in all aspects of life'.

In the beginning of the session KCRO's Director shed a light on the most important achievements and projects in supporting women that have been carried out by the Organization for the advancement of women in Kurdistan in general and especially in Dohuk. Then the lecturer started his subject of the seminar about the empowerment of women and enhancing their capabilities and elevating her status, by participating in policy-making and making decisions in all aspects of life, through the generation of environment advocacy to empower women politically, economically and socially, and promote the construction of knowledge and skills .Then the floor was opened for discussions among the participants. Everybody reached the conclusion that it is important to encourage and empower women in all areas of their lives , belief in turn reflected the positive impact on her families and communities.

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