08 Apr 2014

Activity Update: International Women’s Day and Newroz

As the agency responsible for Camp Management in both Darashakran and Kawergosk refugee camps in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), ACTED has recently been involved in far more than its regular activities. Two celebrations shone through this month: International Women’s Day, and Newroz.

On March 8th, ACTED took a day to celebrate the women of Syria who unfortunately find themselves displaced from their homes. In both Darashakran and Kawergosk, women were able to partake in activities ranging from CV workshops to talent shows. In the latter, a myriad of talents shone through, with women reciting poetry, singing, making handicrafts, and sharing their drawings. Participants described feeling joy and appreciation at being put in the spotlight for a day.

Towards the end of the month, Kurdish people around the globe celebrated the Kurdish New Year – Newroz, and Syrian Kurds in the KRI could of course not be left out. In both camps, ACTED was involved in the hosting of concerts with traditional Kurdish music, in coordination with Camp Administration and other NGOs, to ring in the new year.

Although many revelers noted that these celebrations of theatre, traditional dance, poetry, and music weren’t the quite the same as those in Syria, they remained hopeful, inviting all to join them in next year’s Newroz celebrations in a peaceful Syria.

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