03 Apr 2014

UIMS - Medical Clinic in the Syrian Refugees camp in Al-Obeidi

Funded by UNHCR, UIMS started the project of a Medical Health Center in the Syrian Refugee Camp in Al-Obeidi

At the beginning, we renovated and re-arranged all medical sections such as the emergency section, the clinic and the pharmacy that will be working throughout the day, we also re-arranged the laboratory section that works for more than 12 hours a day to provide a full laboratory analysis for patients.

The specialists section also started running smoothly, four specialists in various specialization work on six different days a week.

Also in the first period of Management of the Center by UIMS, we bought a mini-bus for the referral of non-critical cases to receive the best medical care possible.

In addition there is an ambulance with staff working to refer emergency cases throughout the day.

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