01 Apr 2014

DRC - IDP KAP Survey in Missan, report

DRC has been present in Missan Governorate since its inception in Iraq (2003). The organization has provided different services to targeted vulnerable populations. These services include; shelter, WASH, Livelihoods and Emergency Assistance. The main demographics targeted have been IDPs and female heads of households. In 2012 DRC conducted a Service Mapping and Durable Solution Assessment in Missan, Baghdad and Diyalla Governorates. The assessment looked at both government levels and local structures that support durable solutions for IDPs and also assessed the willingness and capacity of local communities to integrate IDP caseload in case they wanted to do so. This Knowledge Attitude and Perception (KAP) survey conducted by DRC builds on the Durable Solution and Service mapping Assessment. The KAP Survey was intended to investigate IDPs awareness of their rights as vulnerable population. This report is representative of the key findings of the KAP Survey.


The survey had three main objectives as follows:


1. To provide baseline information on IDPs awareness of their rights

2. To Facilitate improved targeting with regards to rights-awareness campaigns amongst IDP Population.


3. To Investigate linkage between right awareness and successful integration of IDPs in host communities.


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