01 Apr 2014

Al-Erada Organisation for Relief and Development: update

Al-Erada Organisation for Relief and Development believes in unity and pluralism. It discards racism, sectarianism and nationalism. It is made up of a board of directors that draws the policies and strategic plans. These are aimed at achieving its purpose based in Iraq, Diyala province.

Vision:A pioneer Iraqi society and a happy Iraqi family.

Article III – Organisation’s message: Al-Erada Organisation for Relief and Development is an Iraqi, national and comprehensive organisation. It seeks to educate, train, develop and help the Iraqi citizen. Moreover, It aims at spreading the concept of democracy and nurturing the spirit of participation. In addition, it preserves human rights and contributes in planning and national responsibility.

In the image gallerty below you can see part of the pictures demonstrating the organisation’s activities during 2009 and 2010.

Secondly: There was a project of defence campaigns that aimed to eliminate unemployment and create peace in the province of Diyala. This project lasted for 6 months, commencing from the 1st of May to the 30th of November in the year 2013. This was supported by the Mercy Corps Organisation. The pictures below demonstrate the activities of the project.

Thirdly: The development project of income for poor families and families with limited income in Qada’ Meqdadiy. It included a training program for computer programming and internet which lasted for three months, beginning from the 30th of December 2013 to the 30th of March 2014 . The pictures below show parts of the activities of this project.


Fourthly: The future projects that our organisation intends to implement are as follows:


Support Bodies


Place of execution

Name of the project


The program of justice accessible to everyone.

Six months


Supporting vulnerable/helpless women in Diyala (Legal clininc)



Two months


Employing labour from displaced/returning families


Mercy Crops

Nine months

Diyala Province

Activating the role of the civil society through participation (Participation program)


Mercy Crops

Two months

Diyala Province

Mentoring parliamentary elections of the year 2014


The American Agency for International Development

Six months

Diyala Province

Legal clinic for vulnerable/helpless women






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