30 Mar 2014

Nature Iraq - Only 24 Hours Left to Support the Rawanduz River Expedition

Nature Iraq’s Waterkeepers Iraq Program is closing in on the end of our crowd-funding campaign to support the Choman-Rawanduz River Expedition, our new initiative to protect rivers in Iraq. We’ve raised over $4,000 USD of our 10,000 USD goal and this is your last chance to support the project!

Along with our partners in the project (Nature Iraq Foundation, American Canoe Association and Majestic Heights Outdoor Adventures, a Kurdistan Iraq-based eco-tourism company), we hope you can lend us your support for this project that will raise awareness and change attitudes toward Iraq’s threatened rivers. 

On the Expedition we will do the following:

  • We will lead a kayak expedition down the Rawanduz River of Kurdistan, northern Iraq in May of 2014 with a team of professional kayakers, river advocates, and a videographer who will conduct outreach to local communities raising awareness about river threats.
  • The story of the expedition will be retold in a short film, which will chronicle this record-setting first kayak expedition down the full length of the Rawanduz River in northern Iraq. The film will be used to raise awareness locally and internationally, showcasing the tourism potential of these rivers and demonstrating how they can be protected and used sustainably (The fundraising campaign will largely cover this part of the project)

The Rawanduz River is a tributary to the Greater Zab River, a major tributary to the Tigris and the last wild river in Iraq. Rivers and the environment in Iraq are under grave threats from uncontrolled development. This is particularly true in Kurdistan, northern Iraq. After decades of conflict this relatively stable part of the country is rushing to develop and in so doing is putting its last wild and scenic rivers on the chopping block without realizing what a tremendous resource that they may lose.

Contributors to the Indiegogo Expedition fund-raising campaign will have different benefits at the variou levels of support (anywhere from $1 to $5000) from t-shirts and bumper stickers, to birding,hiking, and river trips in Iraq, ACA Membership, and even your own kayak! U.S. contributions are tax deductible.


You can read the full story on Indiegogo or the Program website. We only have 24 hours left to raise the funds we need, so please support the Rawanduz Kayak Expedition Campaign, and help us spread the word by sharing this link and encouraging your contacts to support the Expedition.


For more information, please contact us:

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