25 Mar 2014

Nature Iraq - Expedition Update: Only 6 days left on the Rawanduz River Expedition Campaign

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Nature Iraq’s Waterkeepers Iraq Program is more than a month into its 60-day crowd-funding campaign to support the Rawanduz River Expedition, its new initiative to protect rivers in Iraq. We’ve raised 4585 USD of our 10,000 USD goal and have just 6 days to go.  Along with our partners in the project (Nature Iraq Foundation, American Canoe Association and Majestic Heights Outdoor Adventures, a Kurdistan Iraq-based eco-tourism company), we hope you can lend us your support for this project that will raise awareness and change attitudes toward Iraq’s threatened rivers.

The project is going forward regardless of the total amount raised but additional support will definitely help the expedition to have a greater impact.  Please consider a contribution.

You can read the full story on Indiegogo or the Program website. We only have 6 days left to raise the funds we need, so please support the Rawanduz Kayak Expedition Campaign (Here is the full link: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rawanduz-river-expedition/x/6185530) on Indiegogo, and help us spread the word by sharing this link and encouraging your contacts to support the Expedition.

For more information, please contact us:

·      +964 770 359 4408 (Nabil Musa, the Waterkeeper)

·      Via Email: or

·      On Facebook: Nature Iraq

·      On Twitter: @TigrisFlotilla



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