23 Mar 2014

ICSSI Newsletter n. 03 year 2014

U.S. Labor Against the War: Statement on 11th Anniversary of the Start of the Iraq War

With heavy heart and renewed determination, the officers, staff, and affiliates of U.S. Labor Against the War mark the eleventh anniversary of the outbreak of the illegal U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. For many Americans, the withdrawal of U.S. combat forces from Iraq at the end of 2011 marked the end of U.S. involvement with, and responsibility towards, the Iraqi people. We disagree. Even though our combat forces are out, the war continues to have catastrophic effects in Iraq. >>
The Water Of The Tigris River: An Opportunity For Trans-Boundary Cooperation

How can Iraq safeguard its water provision from the Tigris river? This was one of the central questions at last week's Sulaimani Forum at the American University of Iraq in Sulaymaniah, as four water experts gathered for a panel discussion on the issue. With the opening of the Ilisu Dam in Turkey fast approaching, and a rising water demand within Iraq, the urgency of the issue is greater than ever. >>
Second Festival Of Iraqi Press: Journalists In Iraq Need Protection!

The second Festival of the Iraqi Press was organized in Baghdad for the 6-7 March 2014. Journalists, newspaper and publishing houses stressed on the importance of providing adequate protection for journalists, and modifying the terms of laws, as there are more than 18 articles on media in the Iraqi Penal Code which criminalize any journalist or writer who expresses freely his opinion. The government Publishing Court issued in 2013 about 700 law suits, mostly against journalists and publishers. >>
Iraqi Women Among The Most Vulnerable To Sexual Harassment

Episodes of sexual harassment of women and girls in Iraq are increasing at a preoccupying rate, making Iraq one of the worst places in the world for women. An accurate diagnosis of the problem is lacking and institutions do not have a strategy to tackle it. A report by Thomson Reuters Charity Foundation in November 2013 considered Iraq as the ''second-worst place in the Arab world, after Egypt, for women''. >>
The War In Anbar, Humanitarian Disaster And Lies!

It was very hard to imagine that it would turn so bad. Iraqis are at war again without any legal avail and war slogans are louder than the voice of reason and wisdom. Iraqi people wished for an end of the war era, after suffering for 34 years, but the tragedies of war repeat themselves, and again this war is internal: both the killers and the victims are Iraqis. >>
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