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09 Mar 2014

UPP - Cultural Programs in Iraq and KRG

UPP started a long-lasting, fruitful cooperation with the Iraqi National Libraries and Archives (INLA) in Baghdad since 2004. Several cooperation projects have been implemented since then, with the aim of strengthening the skills of INLA staff in technical fields such as book preservation, conservation and digitization. 

Similar projects run by UPP have been involving religious entities in both Baghdad and KRG, with the aim of safeguarding the historical written heritage of several communities like Armenian, Baha'i, Chaldean, Sabean-Mandean, Shabak, Syriac, Turkmen and Yazidi. Next projects will be focusing on strengthening the role of youth amongst some of the same communities.

At present, UPP is implementing a cultural project funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Municipality of Florence (Italy), which aims at safeguarding the tangible and intangible Iraqi cultural heritage. Actions of capacity building in the management of an architectural and archaeological involve local Institution like the High Commission for the Revitalization of the Erbil Citadel (HCREC), while specialist training programs involve the INLA staff in the area of preservation of valorization of audio and video cultural heritage.
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