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05 Mar 2014

Fuad Updates

Foundation of United for Relief and Sustainable Development (FUAD) is a local Non-governmental Organization established in Iraq since 2003 to provide help and assistance to IDPs, Returnee and displaced families, and also to contribute in supporting the Developmental and infrastructure Programs of Iraqi society through organizing and implementing various projects and programs in deferent sectors of Relief, Shelter, Education, Health, Capacity Building and other Services projects.

   Foundation of United (FUAD) and through its branches in Baghdad, Diyala and Kirkuk with the fund and support of  International Organizations and UN Agencies   adopts during implementing project a direct coordination and cooperation mechanism with the relevant Governmental Authorities such as MODM, Provincial and Municipal councils, Local Associations and Organizations of civil society. 
The foundation works to support the economic, social and living conditions of affected groups in the Iraqi society through the implementation of services, Developmental, Cultural, Educational projects to raise and develop the Iraqi society to reach the desired level, also works to rebuild it once again after passing over very tough times as a result of Military Operations, Sectarian Violence and other events after 2003.

Lately in January 2014 the Foundation completed implementing literacy project (base stage ) for 261 illiterate males and females in Kirkuk / Alfaylaq location funded by UNESCO ,and in addition to literacy courses the project delivered life skills training on health protection  on HIV/AIDS, Vocational Training on Carpentry for males and sewing for Females, legal consultation was delivered for the beneficiaries in the four Community Learning Centers which were established in Alfaylaq Location ,UNESCO referred to this project  and  published it in UNESCO formal web site in the bellow link : 

 FUAD Foundation with partnership with the international Foundation for Electoral System (IFES) is currently implementing project on enhancing the participation in election in Kirkuk City which covers deferent segment of society and consists of many activities, the duration of the project is five months starting from January 2014.
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