25 Feb 2014

DRC - Iraq Programme Updates - 24/2/14


Kurdistan Region of Iraq
1,560  Syrian refugee households received fuel in February to assist with heating and cooking.

DRC is targeting 1,100 households (75% Syrian refugees and 25% host communities) for job placements and assistance to set up small business.

In Baghdad
149 women have received tool kits to enhance their livelihoods through vocational skills and small business activities.

DRC Humanitarian Intervention

DRC is implementing key services in the sectors of WASH, Shelter, Protection, distribution of Core Relief Items (CRI/NFI), Camp Coordination and Camp Management, and Livelihoods.

In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), DRC is supporting the Syrian emergency response targeting refugees in both camp and non-camp communities, as well as a selected case load of extremely vulnerable beneficiaries from the host communities.

In the other parts of Iraq, DRC is working to assist Internally Displaced People and in particular female headed households, the chronically ill and households of majority children under ten.

New developments:


The first round of fuel distribution to 1,560 households of Syrian refugees has taken place in camps of Qushtapa (906 HH) and Basirma (654 HH). Each household is entitled to a monthly ration of 70 liters of fuel during the winter months to meet their heating and cooking needs. This first round of distribution providing 35L per household will be followed by a second phase of distribution in late February/early March.

DRC is starting its new project under UNHCR agreement and is conducting community mobilization and beneficiary selection. The project is aiming to provide job placements for 500 people in Erbil, and at the same time support 600 people in Erbil and Duhok with training and in-kind grants to set up small businesses. In total, 1,100 households will benefit from the project. 75% of the beneficiaries are Syrian refugees selected from Basirma and Qushtapacamps, as well as from non-camp communities. The other 25% of beneficiaries include vulnerable households selected from the host communities of Erbil and Duhok governorates.

In Basirma and Qushtapa refugee camps, DRC has taken on the responsibility of camp coordination and camp management. This role, including; supervision, monitoring and coordination of humanitarian service providers, will be carried out in collaboration with UNHCR, being the lead agency on Camp Management. The recruitment of camp management staff is presently ongoing.

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has provided an assortment of essential tool kits for 149 women beneficiaries of a four-month technical vocational training program that was conducted in collaboration with the Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affair, with funding from the Australian Government (AusAID). The women representing the first group of tool kit recipient are among 510 displacement affected people and female headed household that were trained in the governorates of Missan, Diyala, Basra and Baghdad. This consignment of tool kits including computers, printers, scanners, sewing machines and hair-dressing  equipment is worth over USD$93,000. Similar distributions are expected to take place shortly in Missan, Basra and Diyala.

In three communities of Baghdad, DRC is commencing a new project to mitigate the effects of gender-based violence through protection monitoring of 2,000 households that are affected by displacement due to the ongoing crisis in Anbar Governorate. The project also provides cash assistance to 400 extremely vulnerable cases out of the total target number of households.

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