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11 Feb 2014

Nina – The New Women’s Economic Empowerment Magazine for Iraqi Women Everywhere

Nina –the new women’s economic empowerment magazine for Iraqi women everywhere is published by the PSDC, an NGO founded in 2012 with a mission to promote an inclusive and competitive Iraqi private sector through trust building, public-private dialogue, advocacy for economic reform and market-orientated activities with a key focus on women’s economic empowerment.
Published initially in English and Arabic, 20,000 hard copies of Nina will be distributed throughout Iraq and globally via the internet. Nina contains 64 pages of content (32 Arabic/ 32 English) created by and for women and the men that matter to us and targets the special needs and interests of working women, reaching women executives and managers, as well as female entrepreneurs and thought leaders with an aspirational focus. The magazine is age inclusive however, it is expected that the main market will be aged 22 - 55. Nina creates tools and mechanisms that allow Iraqi women to contribute to their own and their family’s financial security, giving them status and a voice in society which then allows women to function as catalysts for social and economic change reflecting overall GDP growth.
Nina will work if it offers a powerful enough service to stakeholders – supporting capacity building for organisations and employers, supporting economy by giving women and the private sector a chance to connect around the labour market and supply chains. Bulk subscriptions bought for distribution by corporations and their suppliers are part of the sustainability model – as is advertising and sponsorship.
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