13 Jan 2014

HSAD Activity Updates

HSAD is continuing its efforts to raise the productivity and incomes of Iraq's smallholder farmers. HSAD - or Harmonized Support for Agriculture Development - is a partnership between ICARDA and Iraq's Ministry of Agriculture, supported by USAID. Progress highlights from HSAD include:

Improving extension services

The HSAD Program recently initiated a series of training sessions to equip extension agents with the knowledge and skills to produce informative instructional 'farmer to farmer' videos.

Identifying sustainable livestock feed

By comparing the performance of four species of grass, scientists hope to identify long-term forage options that are capable of withstanding drought and salinity.

Raising date palm productivity 

A new low-risk insecticide is demonstrating significant progress in the fight against pests - one of the major constraints confronting date palm farmers in Iraq.

Targeting key policy reforms

HSAD is working with Iraq's Ministry of Agriculture to create an enabling policy environment to encourage the uptake of new crops and technology packages.

For more information about HSAD's projects and activities please access the home page of the HSAD website:



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