14 Apr 2019

MSF Activities in Imam Ali Hospital in Sadr City - Baghdad

The update quickly discusses the improvements made to the hospital; such as rehabilitation of the emergency room (ER), introduction of ‘Triage’ system, and training of 80 staff members on the new system. The new improvements should promote the level of care and health services provided to patients in this hospital and inhabitants of the area: 

Iraq: “We helped, but the Iraqi doctors are the ones who made it work”

‘The ER sees 20,000 patients a month’

Last year, the emergency room (ER) of Imam Ali hospital received an average of 20,000 patients per month. This means that doctors treat up to 700 people per day. It’s a massive load of people for a regular-sized hospital.

An MSF team first visited the Imam Ali hospital in 2017, and immediately proposed improving the way the ER worked. We started by providing donations of equipment to the hospital, and went on to renovate the whole ER. We had suggested implementing a triage system, which meant adapting the layout of the department.

By the time Imam Ali hospital’s new ER opened in December 2018, doctors and nurses were ready to work with the new system. Since then, the chaos that was a daily challenge has become much more manageable. Doctors and nurses have really adopted this new system and taken ownership of it.

An EN web-clip with English subtitles is available here: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AnnNG4RXH6C9iU7Op6dcw79F2t7X

For Pictures, please follow this link (attached previews and captions): https://1drv.ms/f/s!AnnNG4RXH6C9iU82eHDzGJ61MUqo

Photo credits: © MSF

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