09 Jul 2017

ACTED - Activity Update June 2017

Over the month of June, as the offensive to retake the Old City and the remaining West Mosul neighborhoods under ISIL control reached its final stages, displacement from the west bank steadily continued, with between 2,500 and 8,500 new people fleeing every day. After fleeing the city, these extremely vulnerable men, women, boys and girls reached Hammam Al-Alil transit site, from where they were transferred to different camps in Ninewa governorate, or relocated in non-camp locations with host communities.

ACTED, liaising with the other humanitarian partners and the coordination structures in the country, has actively participated in the Mosul emergency response through the provision of multi-sectorial support to vulnerable IDPs fleeing the city. Specifically, ACTED intervened in the following sectors:


Since the past 23th of May, ACTED has been managing Al-Salamiya 1 and 2 camps, which have been receiving an increasing number of individuals fleeing from the fighting in West Mosul. Currently, over 9,000 IDPs live in Salamiya 1, and over 20,000 in Salamiya 2. In each camp, ACTED established an inter-agency coordination forum and has been holding a weekly camp coordination meeting. ACTED successfully coordinated over 10 humanitarian partners, and at the same time liaised with the MoDM, security actors and other government bodies.  Additionally, it continued to track service provision through the 3Ws tool, and in order to address any gap in services, it established accountability protocols with other clusters. It also monitored risks using the Formal Site Monitoring Tool (FSMT). To ensure the camp residents’ participation in the camp decision-making process, in Salamiya 1 ACTED CCCM Team successfully established a Youth Committee, a Women’s Committee, and a Maintenance and Camp Management committee.


As the primary WASH responder in Salamiyah 1 camp, ACTED continued to provide a first-line WASH response, to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene for the over 9,000 people living in the camp. These individuals need clean and safe water to perform a wide variety of daily tasks, like drinking, cooking, washing. In order to meet their basic need for drinking water, since the opening of the camp, ACTED has been providing an average of 300 m3 per day of chlorinated water through water trucking. At the same time, and in order to ensure a more sustainable solution to the problem of water availability, over the past months ACTED has been performing infrastructural work to install a 1,6 km distribution line, which connects the camp to the main pipeline running from Al-Salamiyah water treatment plant. As a result of this, now water flows through the water lines and fills into the elevated water tanks. In addition to the 44 existing communal tanks, ACTED constructed 7 new elevated tanks, of a capacity of 30m3 each. Thanks to this measure, the water storage capacity in the camp has increased, from 23 to 40 liters per person per day; this is particularly important given the hot summer temperatures. ACTED will continue to ensure the maintenance of these facilities. ACTED’s WASH intervention in Salamiyah includes also Sanitation and Hygiene. ACTED provided approximately 800 household with garbage containers; garbage collection points are emptied on a regular basis, and all residents of the camp are served with garbage removal. ACTED’s intervention in the hygiene sector included the distribution of 6,856 family monthly hygiene kits and 231 baby kits. Finally, ACTED has organized hygiene promotion sessions in the camp on a weekly basis.

Shelter and NFIs

During June, ACTED SNFI Team conducted assessments in both East Mosul (Al Sadia, Al Sukkar and Shishan) and Hamdanyia (Al Karan, Al Tawajna, Al Kasa, Al Shamciat, Qarataba and Yarganti), to identify the existing needs in terms of shelter and non-food items, and also to verify the security situation for a potential intervention. Based on these assessments, distributions were organized in Al Karam village in Hamdanyia and Al-Sukkar/Al Sadiq neighbourhood in Mosul. In Al Karam, ACTED distributed sealing-off kits to 45 household (463 people) and non-food items kits to 20 households (193 people); in Al Sukkar/Al Sadiq, ACTED distributed sealing-off kits to 45 household (463 people) and non-food items kits to 354 households (1657 people). Finally, ACTED distributed NFI kits to 705 households (3,442 people) in Salamiyah 1, and 4,211 households (20,666 people) in Salamiya 2.

Child Protection

During June, ACTED continued to provide emergency child protection services for vulnerable children and youth displaced in three districts in Ninewa governorate and belonging the IDP and Host communities (Telkaif, Telafar, Mosul). In the villages of Orta Khrab, Tawila, Baweza, Abu Wajna and Tebat Alriyat, over 250 children and youth received psychosocial support through mobile CFS/YFS spaces. ACTED mobile teams organized recreational activities for children (including sport, games, drawing, music, drama) and involved 183 new individuals (64 men, 47 women, 43 boys and 29 girls) in awareness-raising, which focused on the importance of education, of being tolerant, of making friends, but also on the risks and prevention of sunburn. In occasion of the World Child Labour Day, an event in the villages of Tawila and Ortakrab was organized, in collaboration with the schools; children and staff performed a theatre performance, with singing and dancing. ACTED continued also to follow-up on existing cases by providing appropriate case management to 10 children and successfully closing 14 cases, after adequate follow-up was provided.


In the context of the Rapid Response Mechanisms (RRM), ACTED has responded to the needs of displaced individuals from 72 hours from displacement, reaching a total of 405 families living in Nargazlia camp, Shukan district, and 1 family in Bajd Kandala camp, Zakho district, Dohuk. The ACTED distribution team supported 1,569 vulnerable individuals (276 men, 358 women, 463 boys and 527 girls) with water bottles, hygiene kits and dignity kits, and plumpy sup sachets.


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