03 May 2017

Welthungerhilfe (WHH) - Improving Livelihoods and Living Conditions for Local Communities and Returnees in Northern Ninewa

Funded by the German Federal Government through its Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) and together with its partner DRC Welthungerhilfe aims at improving the livelihoods and living conditions of returnees, the local population, IDPs and Syrian refugees in Northern Ninewa province. The main project activities include the rehabilitation of basic infrastructure such as streets, schools and hospitals and Cash for Work (CfW) measures. The goal is to provide 26.000 individuals from 147 villages with a supplementary source of income through CfW activities. Additionally, 6,500 particularly vulnerable families receive unconditional cash assistance. Tensions within communities are reduced and social cohesion between local inhabitants, returnees and IDPs is strengthened. The project areas are checked and cleared of undetected weapons and mines and awareness raising about dangerous remnants of war will increase safety standards in the affected areas. 




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