20 Apr 2017

ACTED - Activity Update April 2017

As the military offensive to retake the West part of Mosul City intensifies, approximately 5,000 individuals flee the city on a daily basis, relocating in and out-of-camps, mostly within Ninewa governorate. These individuals are extremely vulnerable and face a wide range of needs across many sectors.

During April, ACTED has been an active partner in Mosul response, providing emergency assistance to IDPs fleeing West Mosul as well as to host communities and individuals who have returned to areas now behind frontlines. In particular, ACTED Programme Team addressed the needs of displaced people in the following sectors: Shelter and NFIs, Food Security, WASH and Protection.

Shelter and NFIs:

Through the simultaneous implementation of five emergency SNFI projects in partnership with OCHA and Shelterbox, since the end of November 2016 to April 2017 ACTED has supported individuals displaced from Mosul city and the Mosul corridor with the provision of sealing-off and NFIs kits. Mobile NFI kits, tents and basic emergency shelter kits (BESKs) have been distributed in 15 different non-camp locations in Ninewa, reaching a total of 24,240 individuals. This allowed households living in critical shelter arrangements to rehabilitate and upgrade their shelter and live in safer and more dignified conditions. ACTED will shortly begin the implementation of another project, which will be a continuation of the previous ones, and will aim at addressing critical shelter and NFIs needs for IDPs.


In the first half of April, ACTED Rapid Response Mechanisms reached a total of 2,704 individuals and 539 families living in Nargizlia camp in Ninewa. Of them, 4450 were male, 525 were female, and 1,733 were children (907 boys and 826 girls below 18 below 18). Over the reporting period, ACTED distributed 694 immediate response rations (IRR) of food, 694 hygiene kits, 505 dignity kits and 1,387 water packages.


The lack of safe drinking water remains one of the main challenges faced by IDPs, returnees and host communities living in all retaken areas. Water networks endured consistent damage as a result of the prolonged fighting; therefore, availability and access to water remain extremely limited, and its poor quality increases the risk of diseases. Since the 14th of March, ACTED started to conduct water trucking in two neighbourhood in East Mosul, Qahira and Tahrir, and it has also installed 11 communal tanks in Qahira and 7 in Tahrir, allowing beneficiaires to access 10 liter of chlorinated water a day. Over the reporting period, water trucking has benefitted a total of 51,585 people in Qahira neighbourhood and 54,114 people in Tahrir.

Over the reporting period, ACTED has been selected by the Cluster as the primary WASH responder in Salamiyah camp, where it will provide a comprehensive WASH response including water trucking, hygiene kits distribution and waste management in the upcoming months.


Over the reporting period, ACTED Child Protection Mobile Units continued to provide support to vulnerable and at-risk chidren and youth displaced in Ninewa. In April, ACTED intervened in Baweza village and provided psycosocial support to 44 children (19 girls and 25 boys) affected by the Mosul operations.The same children were reached by non-formal educational activities taking part in temporary learning spaces, such as language and mathematic classes, but also music and drawing. In addition, ACTED conducted awareness-raising activities on child protection for 150 children in Hamdaniya, 176 in Tilkaif, and 94 in Telafar. In Hamdanyia, 91 children received Structured and sustained psychosocial support by mobile teams was provided to 91 children in Hamdaniya and 30 in Telafar. Furthermore, adults were also involved in awareness-raising activities on child protection isssues.


In April, ACTED CCCM Mobile Teams have operated in several in and out-of-camp locations in Ninewa, reaching IDPs living in emergency camps and informal shelters in the Mosul corridor through assessments, need identification and risk mitigation activities. Additionally, ACTED was put in charge of the management of Al-Salamiyah camp, located in Hamdaniya district: this is a newly built camp which with a capacity of 1,750 tents, which will be ready in two weeks to host IDPs fleeing from Mosul. 

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