22 Feb 2017

NRC - Activity Update - February 22, 2017

Our work from Erbil

This past week NRC’s Erbil office delivered a range of activities, part of which included:

  • Providing 523 Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) kits containing emergency food, water and hygiene items to 2332 internally displaced persons (IDP) in both Erbil and Ninewa Governorates
  • Distributing 480,000 IQD (396 USD) each to 42 internally families in Qayyarah
  • Distributing 430,000 IQD (355USD) each to 95 families in different locations across Erbil Governorate
  • Disseminating hygiene promotion leaflets about water quality, clean water handling, hand washing, and solid waste in Al Tamim neighbourhood in east Mosul.

 The Erbil office’s Education work last saw:

  • 416 students attend 102 sessions of catch up classes in Arabic, English, mathematics, science, physics, biology and social studies in Hassan Sham and Khazer camps
  • NRC deliver 85 recreational sessions in art, sport and music to 402 students in Hassan Sham and Khazer camps
  • NRC provide 50 Arabic, English, mathematics, science, physics, biology and social studies classes to 1,002 students in formal schools in east Mosul.

Our work from Dohuk

NRC’s Dohuk office activities last week included:

  • Distributing textbooks for Arabic curriculum schools in Zakho, Semel and Sinjar
  • Setting up Temporary Learning Space (TLS) in Nergizlyah camp
  • Delivering two group legal information sessions to 81 women and men in Nizarke camp
  • Distributing 200 sealing off kits to 1,200 IDPs in Shikhan.

Our work from Baghdad

The Baghdad RRM team’s work this past week included:

  • Delivering RRM kits to 73 individuals in Al-Abayachi checkpoint in Tarmiya sub district
  • Distributing RRM kits to 119 individuals in Ihsan Al Fallojaih and to 118 individuals in Central camp
  • Providing RRM kits to 298 individuals in Kilo 18 camp in Ramadi sub district.
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