15 Feb 2017

NRC - Activity Update - February 15, 2017

Our work from Erbil

This past week NRC’s Erbil office delivered a range of activities, part of which included:

  • Distributing 1276 Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) kits containing emergency food, water and hygiene items to 6858 internally displaced persons (IDP) in Hassan Sham and Khazer camps and Al-Hamdaniya reception centre

 The Erbil office’s WASH work last week included:

  • NRC has installed 10 communal water points in Al-Ta'meem neighbourhood inside east Mosul city and began emergency water trucking there to provide safe drinking water to 1,500 households
  • NRC installed emergency WASH facilities in Daratoo, Koraban, Qoritan and a reception centre in Makhmour

Our work from Dohuk

NRC’s Dohuk office activities last week included:

  • Distributing 1015 winter boots to displaced children in Narglizia camp
  • Delivering 18 awareness raising sessions about legal advice, housing, land and property rights and civil documentation to 398 IDPs

Our work from Baghdad

The Baghdad RRM team’s work this past week included:

  • Delivering RRM kits to 477 individuals in Al-Abayachi checkpoint in Tarmiya sub district
  • Distributing RRM kits to 432 individuals in Hay Al Jameaa camp
  • Providing RRM kits to 119 individuals in Awerj, Kasnzanianyaih and Hay AL Kadraa camps in Baghdad province
  • Distributing RRM kits to 403 individuals in Kilo 18 camp in Ramadi sub-district
  • Delivering RRM kits to 373 individuals in central camp in Anbar province
  • Providing RRM kits to 189 individuals in Maten, Al Salam, and Al Nassaer camps in Anbar province and RRM kits to 32 individuals in Saydia school

 The Baghdad Shelter team’s work this past week included:

  • Rehabilitating 21 shelters in five locations that are home to 64 families
  • Distributing 200 sealing off kits in Abu-Ghraib and western Radhwaniya
  • Providing 200 heaters to 200 families in Abu-Ghraib and western Radhwaniya
  • Delivering 450 non-food item kits containing blankets, heater and hygiene kits to 2660 individuals in Al Khazmiya and Al Samra villages in Tikrit district

 The Baghdad WASH team’s work this past week included:

  • Delivering hygiene awareness sessions to 286 individuals in Amiriyat Al Fallujah and Bzeibiz camps
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