20 Dec 2016

IRW - Activity Update - December 20, 2016

Food and NFIs support to newly-displaced families

During the last week, Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) continues responding to people newly displaced from Mosul corridor and from areas closer to the city itself. IRW’s team distributed 500 food parcels in Sewdinan camp. The distribution team also distributed 1000 food parcels in Anbar camps as follow: AL Bo Jasem, ALBo Rahal, ALZohoor and ALMala'ab.

GBV support to IDPs in Kirkuk

IRW with support of UNFPA, in Kirkuk, Laylan, yahyawa and Nazrawa camps provided Psycho-Social support to 34 women and 121 females have attended awareness sessions on GBV. Moreover, our mobile team in Kirkuk have visited 11 families for sharing awareness on GBV and informing them about IRW's activities with support of UNFPA.

According to Child welfare department, 7 new orphans added for sponsorship, and 80 annual reports received from the representatives.

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