07 Dec 2016

MAG - Carries out Life-Saving Work in Towns and Villages Surrounding Mosul

Since October, MAG activities in areas formerly under ISIS control have expanded to include a Mosul response.  The current lines of effort are:

Mosul Preparedness & Response – clearance, risk education and survey

RE and clearance of IDP camps, reception centres and screening sites

MAG teams have responded to 13 areas to date. These include the Kakhurta, Nergazilya, Hassan Sham, and Kahreez Reception Centers as well as the Nergazilya, Amalla, Zelkan, Tal Aswad, Bakura, Qana Zhdarva, Bakure, Mam Rasham, and Bildash Camps. In these areas, MAG has cleared 1,667,948m2 to support safe camp construction. In addition, 2 CL teams have delivered RE in Hassan Sham, Zelkan, and Khazir IDP camps.

Khazir area, east of Mosul: Clearance, RE and survey - ops since 17th October 2016

The contamination in Khazir area includes improvised minefields running through the village and near water storage facilities, agricultural areas, and schools.  Booby traps are frequently found in buildings.  MAG currently has five MTTs, one mechanical team, and 3 CL teams working in the area.  Clearance teams have already removed more than 360 improvised landmines. Since the area was retaken in the Summer of 2016, the number of returning families has reached more than 65. In this time, 10 deaths and 5 injuries from explosive injuries have occurred in addition to 6 deaths in surrounding areas retaken more recently.

Bashiqa area, northeast of Mosul: Clearance, RE and survey – ops since 16th November 2016

In the area surrounding Bashiqa, extensive improvised minefields have been identified with booby traps and demolition charges discovered in the city.  Local authorities have requested that water and power supplies be prioritized for mine action intervention.  As of this writing, technical assessments for this work are ongoing. In addition, MAG has two MTTs conducting manual clearance with support from one CL team in response to authorities’ request with additional teams to be deployed in the coming weeks. 


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