06 Dec 2016

Mercy Hands - Children Assessment - November 2016

Wars are dramatically altering and affecting lives around the globe, especially those of children. In Iraq, children have been significantly affected by violence in recent years, and have often been the direct targets of extremist acts intended to cause maximum civilian casualties and terrorize communities. The distribution of violent images and videos on social media has placed the image of children caught in the middle of these conflicts at the forefront of the world’s collective consciousness and priorities. Security challenges, violations, displacement, and war with Daesh are still in the forefront of the current reality in Iraq. These conflicts rob children of their childhood, and their effects and subsequent upheaval are having an enormous impact on thousands of children’s physical and mental wellbeing. In partnering with UNICEF, Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid is providing child protection services to the vulnerable children through supporting and managing Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) in Habbaniyah and Khalidiyah camps in Anbar. In these CFSs, children have access to psychosocial support activities (indoor and outdoor). Children have been identified and provided with specialized assistance through direct intervention of Mercy Hands or through appropriate referrals to other service providers in and outside the camps.




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