14 Nov 2016

UIMS Celebrates Obtaining the “Public Benefit” Status

The United Iraqi Medical Society For Relief & Development – UIMS held a celebration about obtaining the status of “Public Benefit”, on Thursday, November 10th 2016 at Royal Tulip Al Rasheed Hotel-The South Hall. The ceremony was attended by representative bodies of the Iraqi governmental directorates, representatives of international organizations and Arabic and foreign embassies, UN agencies. The celebration event has been started by statement of UIMS president & some attendees had a detailed explanation about the meaning of the status of public benefit.


The representative of the NGOs Directorate also had a role in clarifying the meaning of the status of public benefit by demonstrating the procedures of work and features of the societies that obtained this status, including UIMS organization, & there was a presentation about UIMS different achievements and activities.

The participants had questions and discussions and different opinions in this occasion including the support to the organizations to get the status of “Public Benefit” & to devote the efforts to facilitate this matter in order to promote the humanitarian work in helping IDPs and the needy in these circumstances in Iraq.

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