06 Oct 2016

iMMAP - Meeting on the Classification and Categorisation of IED Reporting Forms and Systems

Classification and categorisation of IED reporting forms and systems:  Technical Working Group meeting at iMMAP office-Erbil

iMMAP organised and hosted a Technical Working Group Meeting  in its office in Erbil on 5 October  2016 concerning  the classification and categorisation of Improvised Explosive Devices  (IED) reporting forms.   The participants included mine action organisations such as MAG, Sterling, FSD, HI, Janus, UNMAS, IKMAA and iMMAP.

All parties acknowledged that the number and complexity of IED is evolving and that has created an urgent need to modify the current reporting forms and systems so that it standardised and can be fed into the national Information Management System for Mine Action (IMSMA).  Currently there is a loss of technical information due to the lacking of a common methodology and terminology during data collection and reporting (field data collection form and subsequently in IMSMA).

UNMAS representative and the partners agreed to the creation of a Regional standard as a “Starting Point” to classify IEDs but looking forward to a National Standard for Iraq that is relevant for all HMA and MA community.

Mine action partners will appoint a focal point to facilitate the standardisation process. A resume will be produced and shared with UNMAS for additional input and sent back to all partners and IKMAA representatives. Information concerning IED classification and “Pros and Cons” will be shared within a week from now to be ready for the next TWG.

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