04 Oct 2016

NRC - Activity Updates 4 October 2016

Hawija response:

In Kirkuk, NRC’s activities consist of mainly Shelter and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene activities in non-camp settings; however this is likely to change with on-going operations in Hawija and Mosul.

Last week, NRC focused on the Hawija liberation and NRC’s ability to provide services to families fleeing the violence. NRC is participating in coordination meetings with other organisations and the local government in Kirkuk. NRC’s contingency planning has been completed and is open for revision depending on the situation in case of any displacement from the Hawija area. NRC is also currently completing security assessments in four locations for the implementation of a UNICEF funded Gender Based Violence prevention and response program. Local authorities have begun returning IDP’s to newly liberated areas and three of the five villages NRC work in have seen significant reductions in the number of beneficiaries.

NRC continues to monitor the situation in and around Hawija collecting information from a number of sources. This is invaluable and enables NRC to paint a clear picture of the current situation and how it is likely to develop once the military operations escalate.

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