27 Sep 2016

KURDS - Activity Report August 2016

Kurdistan Reconstruction and Development Society (KURDS) is a non-for profit, humanitarian, independent and community-based organization that was founded in early 90s with the objective of reversing the destruction of large areas of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. In doing so, KURDS commenced with the tangible target of restoring the infrastructure of war-torn areas, first, then rehabilitating those areas through construction of basic services projects like water, shelters, sanitations, interior road, irrigation channels, health centers, capacity building…etc. with substantiation of population movement back to their “natural habitats” by creating income and educating inhabitants on coexistence principles.

KURDS has been involved in the response to Refugee activities since the outbreak of the Syrian refugee crisis in Kurdistan Region and have established presence in all camps with various engineering and social development teams. Throughout the KURDS experience and work in the last 20 years, it has established very good relations with the key stakeholders such as the local authorities, other donors and the local communities themselves. Currently KURDS first priority is to provide IDPs, refugees and most vulnerable groups the required humanitarian Protection and Mixed Solutions for the targeted groups and has approximately 85 full and part time technical and administrative qualified and experienced staff.

Please find below the August 2016 activity report of KURDS.

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