26 Sep 2016

Mine Action Coordination Meeting at iMMAP Office - Erbil - 21 September 2016

Mine Action Coordination Meeting at iMMAP office-Erbil -21 September 2016

iMMAP organised and hosted a monthly Nationwide Mine Action Coordination Meeting at iMMAP office in Erbil on 21 September 2016 concerning the “Gray Area”.  The areas refer to those recently retaken from ISIL which fall under the shared humanitarian mine action reasonability of both Directorate of Mine Action (Bagdad) and Iraqi Kurdistan Mine Action Agency (Erbil).

The participants included representatives from, mine action NGOs, national authorities of Bagdad and Erbil, commercial entities, concerned ministries, and consulate and coalition force representatives.
The coordination meeting is a monthly meeting to update all parties about the current status of IED/ERW contamination in the Gray Area, recent progress, clearance achievement and the coordination and collaboration mechanisms of the stakeholders in the mentioned area. Various IM products were presented in the meeting.

Participants discussed the current Mosul military operation, required emergency clearance and the incorporation of ERW/IED threat mitigation in the Mosul humanitarian response. New areas are now being liberated as well as planned military operation to liberate new areas is underway. Consequently the National Mine Action Authorities (NMAA) in coordination with the HMA organizations needs to plan in advance for the increased responsibilities to ensure a prompt and optimize response.  Additional funds are required to respond to the newly liberated and planned liberation areas. IKMAA and DMA will support NGO proposals and the advocacy for increased funds.

The handover process of ERW/IED was elaborated in detailed given the fact that it defers from the conventional mine action handover process. Consequently IKMAA presented a handover certificate that HMA operators will have to use during the IED clearance handover process.

All parties acknowledged that the complexity of IED is evolving and the current reporting systems are not compatible.  NGOs agreed to work towards establishing an IED classification/recognition booklet which should ultimately guide in developing IED standard working procedures.  iMMAP was nominated as the focal point to lead this process.

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