30 May 2016

iMMAP - A Workshop for IKMAA and a Visit to the 'Grey Area' near Kirkuk

iMMAP - GPS Workshop for Iraqi Kurdistan Mine Action Authority (IKMAA)

iMMAP hosted and delivered an intensive two-day GIS workshop for IKMAA operations and quality assurance staff of both the central office and its branch offices throughout the KRI.

The purpose of the workshop was to train IKMAA staff on the latest GPS technologies and its multiple valuable applications in Mine Action (MA) activities including survey, data collection and navigation.

The workshop covered the below technical topics in detail:

  • Deploying  GPS for creating, uploading and downloading waypoints, tracks and logged data from various devices
  • Converting the recorded Bearing and Distance points from field to Longitude and Latitude using various methods such as Excel, ArcGIS and JavaScript. Three ready-made tools were provided to participants for converting and calculating of areas.
  • Utilising the hardware components of GPS devices, radio signal, Bluetooth, VLF, estimated location error and activating WAAS to optimize the positioning of location accuracy.
  • Setting up GPS devices and planning routes. Various software were provided to participants that can be used as interface between the GPS and PC.
  • Providing gazetteer points of IRAQ and testing the upload of settlement points to various GPS devices.
  • Participants were provided with workshop content materials and manuals to guide in applying GPS to their MA activities. Readymade geo-data were also given to participants that could be directly uploaded to the IKMAA's GPS devices

iMMAP-Mine Action Joint Operations Room Site Visit to the Gray Area-Kirkuk Province

The Gray area Mine Action Joint Operations Room (JOR) team composed of Iraqi Kurdistan Mine Action Authority (IKMAA) in Erbil, Directorate of Mine Action Iraq (DMA) in Baghdad and iMMAP visited the Swiss Foundation for Mine Action (FSD) clearance team in the Kirkuk province on May 15 2016.

The overall objective of the JOR team site visit was to monitor FSD’s IED clearance activities in the Gray area as an active operator, with respect to site clearance currently carried out from their local operations base. The Gray area refers to areas recently retaken from armed groups which at the present time are under the shared humanitarian mine action responsibility of both IKMAA and DMA.

Such visits are conducted on scheduled basis throughout the Gray area to monitor and evaluate the activities of the mine action operators. Experiences and lessons learnt are shared with the JOR team. Additionally information management staff provided direct technical advice to field staff during the site visit to enhance the quality of reporting.

Finally, findings are recorded and recommendations made to enrich the mine action operations and to formulate priories that are aligned with those of national authorities.

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