15 May 2016

Qandil - Weekly Activity Report

From 8th of May, in Erbil governorate, QANDIL, in partnership with the UNHCR, successfully distributed cash assistance to the total of (107) refugee and IDP families, and cash for CRI for (490) IDP and (63) refugee families, as well as, cash for Kerosene for (110) families living in Twraq. In Dohuk governorate, cash assistance was distributed to (81) families in Gawara camp and (287) additional IDP families in Dohuk and surroundings. While, bank cheques cash assistance were distributed for (97) IDP and (87) refugee families in different areas of Sulaymania governorate.

In the same week, Qandil in partnership with UNHCR held a parent-teacher association meeting as part of its education project for Afrin Priamary School and Bainjan secondary school in Sulaimanya. 6 teachers and 5 parents participated in the meeting, and at the end an incentive kit was provided for each participant.

In addition, QANDIL and UNHCR, had a coordination meeting with the Iranian Refugees in Kawa Community regarding the general situations in Kawa Settlement. Subjects for discussion included health, waste disposal, residency documents, livelihoods, and internal election for community council.

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