11 May 2016

KURDS - Activity Report April 2016

KURDS is a humanitarian, non-political, non-profit and non-governmental organization, aiming to provide basic emergency response and social development to serve both local communities and Refugees/Returnees. KURDS has been operating in Kurdistan Region since 1992 with the main focus on infrastructure construction and rehabilitation; it has since implemented hundreds of projects in the relevant sector of infrastructure construction and rehabilitation, providing emergency responses via distrusting food and non-food item, conducted various survey and evaluations. KURDS has been involved in the response to Refugee activities since the outbreak of the Syrian refugee crisis in Kurdistan Region and since have implemented the majority of camps infrastructure construction and rehabilitation in all refugee camps in all three Governorates of the Kurdistan Region for the last 4 years funded by UNHCR, we have established presence in all camps with various engineering and social development teams. Throughout the KURDS experience and work in the last 20+ years, we have established very good relations with the key stakeholders such as the local authorities, other donors and the local communities themselves. Currently KURDS first priority is to provide IDPs, refugees and most vulnerable groups the required humanitarian Protection and Mixed Solutions for the targeted groups and has approximately 85 full and part time technical and administrative qualified and experienced staff.

Please find the activity report for the month of April 2016 attached below.

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