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04 Aug 2013

Iraqi celebration for the third year of the Oslo Treaty

A national   celebration hold on the 3rd anniversary of Oslo treaty to ban use trade stock and manufactory of cluster munitions by patronage of Minster of environment Mr. Sargon Lazar  ,attended by deputy Minster ,general director of DMA  Mr. Essa  Alfyadh ,director of civil defense ,representative of Ministries , director of IMCO ,civil society,group of survivors ,and many media channels  
-      Deputy Minster talked about them efforts to achieve booth Oslo and Ottawa treaties
-      Mr Zahim  Jehad ,,IMCO ,, talked abouth them implementation on detect and remove all UXOs on the fields
-      Director of IADO ,Mr Moaffak Alkhafaji , present the presentation of CMC  on this event shown the size of UXOs effect on civilian and children ,urge the implementation of Oslo as Iraq is part of 112 state parties and Ottawa treaty  , encourage the gov to be active part in next Zambia meeting at 8th of sep- 2013 ,
-      The actors team present  tragedy film shown suffer of community affected by UXOs
-      Opining the paint exhibition of artist Mrs. Ayser Albyati ( pwd)
-      Many interviews with media with the attendees
At the end we thank Ministry  of environment for them support and cooperation
Best regards
Iraqi alliance for disability-IADO

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