05 Apr 2016

Qandil - Activity Report Final Weeks March 2016

During the last two weeks of March, QANDIL in partnership with the UNHCR successfully distributed core relief items (CRI) to approximately 1170 families living in different locations of the Erbil governorate, including Saqlawa, Soran, Khabat, Koya, Ankawa, Makhmour and Erbil City Center.

In addition, as requested by the governorate of Duhok (KRG) and as an attempt to give back to society, QANDIL distributed 350 kg of rodenticide to the farmers in the districts of Bardarash, Shekhan, and Akre. The rodenticide is used to protect crops such as wheat and barley from being eaten by rodents. The distribution included a demonstration and an explanation of the way it is to be used. The process was undertaken by QANDIL in coordination with the agricultural office of Duhok, and was carried out in a way that would benefit a large number of farmers and agricultural land, which amounted to be more than 800,000 square meters. The farmers and the communities were pleased with the distribution and were highly involved in the entire process.

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