14 Dec 2015

Qandil - Distribution Activity Report

Last week, QANDIL’s teams in Duhok distributed winterization items for 938 families, of refugees and IDPs, and distributed cash for kerosene for 530 families. In Erbil governorate, PARC teams distributed cash for kerosene for 1187 of the refugee and IDP families, and multi-purpose cash assistance for 1476 families, in addition to distribution of winterization items for 1460 families in the Erbil governorate. QANDIL in Sulaimaniya distributed cash for Kerosene for 2078 families, and distributed multipurpose cash assistance for 254 families. In addition, as part of its agriculture project in Makhmour camp, QANDIL distributed 50 goats for 25 of the refugee families.

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