NCCI - Regulatory Database

NCCI's Bureaucratic Liaison Unit (BLU) Guidance 

NCCI has created a government liaison team to support member NGOs as they navigate the complex regulatory environment in Iraq.  This team, the Bureaucratic Liaison Unit, has full time staff in Baghdad and Erbil, and works closely with all member NGOs to communicate about regulations and to advocate for a clear and feasible regulatory environment work for NGOs.  This website is the collection of guidance notes to help NGOs navigate the most common regulatory processes.


For the issues most important to NGOs, the BLU team writes an unofficial guidance note to help summarize the process.  They include helpful tips, links to the official websites and laws and some forms or documents from the relevant Government authorities.  NCCI's guides are not official policy, but are just a guide to help NGOs find and understand the official procedures. Most guidance notes also include annexes containing forms and documents in Arabic or Kurdish plus unofficial English versions , and the guidance notes are accompanied by laws and other references that have been developed from a variety of sources as well.


NCCI updates these regularly, but some information may be out of date.  NCCI is not a legal authority but serves to point NGOs towards the government agencies, processes, and regulations as relevant. The relevant government agencies (i.e. the Department of NGOs, the Residency Directorate…) are the legal authorities on all NGO-government legal issues as per Iraqi law.


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