Iraqi Members Profiles

Afkar Society For Development_En.pdf
The society had been established in 2004   by a volunteers group in Anbar /Qaim ,since the first project had implemented by volunteers , it was supporting 200 orphans ..
Al Eslah Association For Social Development_En.pdf
Al-Eslah was founded in 2005 in response to the societal dangers that spread after 2003, especially the negative phenomena that spread among the youth. We believe in the principle ..
Established on November 1, 2003 to sponsor orphans, widows and young people, and to instill values and principles in society within the framework of solidarity.
Al Ethar was founded in June 2005 due to the community's needs to help vulnerable people by providing the necessary needs to preserve their lives and conditions, especially widows ..
Al Mesalla ORG. estabilished in September 2006 in the NGO directorate in Baghdad for human resource development without discrimination between civil society individuals, cometment to the humantarian work principles, ..
Al-Rakeezeh Foundation_En.pdf
Al-Rakeezeh Foundation for Relief and Development established in 2015 in order to help the needy people who need urgent relief help due to the conflics with ISIS when the ..
Al-Zuhoor Women Organization_En.pdf
In the context of the evolution of the human rights situation in general and the rights of women in particular in Iraq in recent years, the Women's Flower Organization ..
Alkhair Humanitarian Organization_En.pdf
Al Khair Humanity is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded on April 25, 2003 by a group of people interested in civil society and with a desire to promote the ..
The organization was founded on 03/4/2005 and to this day has played an important role in spreading the culture of democracy, dialogue, tolerance, solidarity in society and concepts of ..
Bothoor ALkhaer organization  for Relief and Development_En.pdf
Boothor Al Khair Relief and Development: An independent Iraqi civil society organization, a non-profit humanitarian organization founded in early 2004 to provide relief to people affected by war.