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NGOs in Iraq are working to provide feedback to UNHCR regarding the latest draft of the Syrian Regional Response Plan (RRP6) for Iraq. The aim is to collect more strategic level feedback relating to concerns about the RRP6 process, its specific content and any other important issues that should be addressed. NCCI is working alongside its members to provide a coordinated response from INGOs that will be essential in preparation for upcoming meetings with UNHCR regarding the RRP6. For more information please contact
NCCI has developed and launched a portal for the INGO Syrian response in KRG and it is now available online through the website (link). The portal consists of a map with associated icons for the camps that are present in each location (according to GPS coordinates supplied by ACTED for each camp). Information has been uploaded about each of the camps and detailed views are available. Reports and assessments are available for download and there is an Activities table that summarizes what is happening in each camp. There is also a section for minutes and meetings.
NCCI will launch the second phase of the consultation process to gather civil society inputs regarding the draft of The Charter of Cooperation between Public Authorities and NGOs for the Development of Iraqi Society. This phase will include 20 consultation workshops. 30 consultation workshops were already implemented during the first phase. The Charter aims to promote cooperation for development between Iraqi public authorities and civil society organizations. The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by UNOPS, with the assistance of NCCI.
29 Aug 2013

Iraqi Charter Live on TV

Thursday, 29 August 2013
NCCI Would like to announce that Al-Rasheed Satellite channel will present a special program about "The Charter of Cooperation between Public Authorities and NGOs for the Development of Iraqi Society" on Friday @ 8:00 PM and the program will host MP Jawad Aljobory "chairman of CSOs Committee in Iraqi Parliament". Please watch the program.
an "Open Space Meeting" in Erbil on Wednesday 21st, August 2013. The main topic of the meeting is: "The Compact Phenomena and Practical Applications". Members of NCCI as well as International NGOs, National NGOs, UN agencies, international organizations and the local authorities. During the previous OSMs in Erbil, one of the recommendations was to encourage each International NGO to invite a partner local NGO to participate in NCCI Open Space Meetings. The same was noted for local NGOs. Based on that recommendation, we encourage our members and participants to extend the invitation to one partner of theirs. To confirm participation and/or require more information, please contact North Field Officer Hana Gorges: Mobile: +964 (0) 7504647380 Email:
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO, in cooperation with The NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) and under the patronage of the High Commission for Literacy, organized Two Workshops on "Coordination and cooperation between the High Commission for Literacy represented by the Executive Body and Civil Society Organizations" The workshops were held in Baghdad and Basra on the 9th and 10th of June, 2013. ----- CSOs from all over Iraq attended the workshops. The workshops aimed to develop the coordination mechanisms and strengthen the partnership between the High Commission for Literacy and the Civil Society Organizations working in the areas of literacy and registered at the Ministry of Education.
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