03 Mar 2015

A New Look for NCCI’s Website

The NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) continuously aims to improve its services and communication strategy. Sharing information between stakeholders is one of NCCI’s key strategic objectives, and the NCCI website (which receives an average of 550 visitors per day) is a crucial resource to achieve this objective. As part of a bigger website update, NCCI recently updated the vacancies and CV pool sections of its website.

One of the services NCCI offers to its members is the publishing of vacancies on the website; NCCI published almost five vacancies a day during 2014. In an effort to improve the usability of this section, the old format of posting vacancies in a different subdivision for every NGO has been replaced with a listing of vacancies based on their date of publishing. Users can still view all vacancies published for a certain NGO by clicking on its name in the vacancies list. The new vacancy section can be found here.

Another service provided by NCCI benefitting both NGOs operating in Iraq and individuals interested in working in the humanitarian sector is the CV pool. This section has been updated, sorting the published CVs according to the professional background of the job seeker. The updated CV pool can be found here.
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