24 Feb 2015

NCCI Discusses Funding, Contingency Planning and Field Coordination

On 12 February the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) held an Advocacy Working Group meeting at NCCI’s Erbil Office. The Advocacy Working Group (AWG) is one of NCCI’s thematic working groups and aims at collecting and sharing information on advocacy issues related to humanitarian operations in Iraq. The group also develops joint advocacy products.

The main topic of the AWG meeting was humanitarian funding for Iraq. Participants discussed the various processes currently going on, including the Fast-Track Priority Needs Assessment Plan and the Kuwait III donor conference. It was decided that the Fast-Track priority process will be evaluated by NGOs in order to identify successes and potential problems, to adequately engage in the upcoming Strategic Review Plan (SRP) review process. Furthermore the need and importance of joint contingency planning for Iraq was discussed.

On 18 February NCCI also organized a General Coordination meeting in its office in Baghdad. As part of its mandate to coordinate principled, collective NGO action in order to foster development, address humanitarian needs, and promote respect for rights in Iraq, NCCI regularly organizes general coordination meetings, both in Baghdad and in Erbil, to share information on current NGO operations in Iraq. The meeting was attended by 15 local and international NGOs. Five local NGOs presented a brief overview of humanitarian action in their areas of operation, after which NGO participation in OCHA’s JCMC was discussed.
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