03 Feb 2015

Welcoming the New Humanitarian Coordinator Lise Grande

In December 2014, Lise Grande was appointed to become the new DSRSG/RC and Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) for Iraq. Grasping the opportunity to welcome the new HC, NGOs operating in Iraq decided to draft a joint letter through the Advocacy Working Group (AWG), voicing key concerns and recommendations regarding the current humanitarian situation in the country.

This joint letter, which was signed by twenty international NGOs, was warmly received and on 29th January a follow-up meeting between Ms. Grande and the signatories to the joint letter was held in Erbil.The participants discussed a wide range of topics connected to humanitarian aid delivery in Iraq. The new humanitarian coordinator briefly described her suggestions to effectively reform the humanitarian aid structure in Iraq. One of the main agenda items was related to the lack of funding for humanitarian relief efforts in Iraq.

In order to guarantee sufficient funds for alleviating humanitarian needs in Iraq, as well as to find ways to distribute these funds effectively, a number of initiatives have been set in motion by Ms. Grande to address funding in 2015. These initiatives will require strong engagement from clusters, and there are several opportunities for NGOs to input and lead, in which NCCI will fulfil a coordinating and secretariat role. The meeting concluded with a fruitful discussion on how to improve coordination between NGOs, the UN and the Iraqi government.
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