27 Oct 2014

Coordination Meetings to Tackle Key Issues for NGOs Continue

To address NGOs’ coordination needs in relation to administrative and HR concerns, NCCI is soon to coordinate the first of a series of meetings to bring HR representatives together in order to discuss common problems and concerns.

Such meetings are of particular interest to the various new NGOs that are setting up operations in Iraq at the moment. Alongside the regular monthly coordination meeting, NCCI is to convene its second national NGO general coordination meeting in Erbil to further coordinate and share information on issues pertaining to national NGOs in the current emergency.

Within the framework of improving coordination, the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) also attended a meeting alongside John Ging, Director of the Operational Division at OCHA, on Friday 24th October. During this high level meeting, different urgent issues about the humanitarian situation in Iraq were discussed. NGOs worked together to find ways to increase funding, improve the way NGOs and the UN collaborate with one another, find solutions for effective coordination structures and assess the impact of the L3 declaration and extension.
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