21 Oct 2014

NCCI Organizes NGO Coordination Meeting in Baghdad

On Thursday 16th October, NCCI organized a coordination meeting which was held at IRC’s Baghdad office and was attended by representatives from the IRC, Mercy Corps, Islamic Relief and PU-AMI. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss coordination needs in Baghdad, including ongoing access and security issues in light of the current emergency situation, along with information sharing mechanisms such as 3W and NGO mappings, referral systems and other important areas.

NCCI hosts a wide variety of assets and capacities to enable efficient information sharing and NGO coordination, and recently produced an emergency report regarding the humanitarian situation in Heet (Anbar), which continues to be of concern to the collective NGO community inside Iraq. Participants in this meeting discussed the potential need to intensify coordination activities in Baghdad as a result of the most recent developments on the ground. They also raised the need to assess the feasibility of conducting joint assessments and other ways to ensure the most effective collaborations between NGOs that continue to work at full capacity in trying to meet the urgent needs of affected, vulnerable communities in Iraq.

Access remains a key issue for NGOs in key areas of the country that are hosting a large number of displaced families and individuals. Anbar in particular is a governorate that faces extreme complications with regards to the dynamic nature of the conflict (as detailed in NCCI's most recent Opinion Editorial release), which is both fluid and unpredictable. Security coordination is essential to ensure that access-specific information is shared in a timely manor between NGOs and is handled in a sensitive and classified way, which is fitting with the dangerous conditions that humanitarian workers are operating in.

Information regarding the next coordination meeting will be circulated by NCCI in due course and we look forward to continued support from the NCCI member community.

picture taken from IRIN
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