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14 Oct 2014

NCCI Releases Emergency Situation Reports on Displacement in Anbar

  • Tuesday, 14 October 2014
Within the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq’s mandate for coordination, the enabling of a free flow of information is vitally important. It is particularly relevant in light of the current humanitarian situation in Iraq, which is changing rapidly. Therefore NCCI has been releasing weekly field situation reports, which contain detailed updates on the changing security and political environment and on the humanitarian needs on the ground in the different Iraqi governorates.

Following the renewed heavy fighting between Iraqi Security Forces and Islamic State (IS) members in Heet and Ramadi, the focus of the conflict shifted once again to the Anbar governorate, which has seen continuous fighting since December 2013. After IS took control of Heet, hundreds of families have reportedly left the city in the past few days. As humanitarian access and up-to-date information is extremely limited, NCCI published an extra Emergency Situation Report, focusing on the Anbar Governorate, on Sunday 12th movements and urgent issues that the humanitarian community needs to address, compiled with the help of NCCI’s members and field coordination network.

NCCI is planning to distribute these emergency reports on a regular basis and is trying to improve them to make sure that they respond to its members’ needs. Please send any information you receive from the field on IDP numbers, IDP movements or urgent humanitarian needs to  to be distributed through our vast network of humanitarian actors in Iraq. Any NCCI member who provides information will appear in our report as a source of information and their respective logos will be added to the report. For a full copy of the field reports please access the NCCI Members Area by entering your username and password via this link: October. This report contained information on IDP numbers, IDP
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