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30 Sep 2014

NCCI Continues to Enhance the Coordination of International and National NGOs in Iraq

  • Tuesday, 30 September 2014
In the current emergency scenario, the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) continuously seeks ways to enhance its mandate to ‘act as an independent, neutral and impartial forum for coordination and information exchange among the NGO community to enhance the effectiveness of humanitarian action in Iraq’.

In this framework, NCCI organizes monthly NGO meetings in order to discuss any concerns that its members might have and to enhance cooperation among NGOs in Iraq. The last meeting took place on Tuesday September 23rd in the NCCI office in Erbil and was attended by 16 national and international NGOs. These NGOs firstly discussed the start of a joint project by SNAP and NCCI on tracking funding flows per sector and geographic area in Iraq to highlight coverage and gaps. Afterwards the participants discussed the new Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) and Strategic Response Plan (SRP) that were going to be discussed at the following HCT meeting. NCCI cooperated in the development of these documents by facilitating UN OCHA’s request for input from NGOs on the HNO and SRP’s drafts, by assembling provided input and forwarding it to the responsible UN agencies.

On Monday September 29th NCCI also convened a focus group meeting of active national NGOs to discuss with them the development of stronger coordination mechanisms. The voice of national NGOs is a vital component in informing the strategic decision making processes, whether at the level of the Government or the United Nations, but is currently not adequately represented. The meeting was intended to serve as a first step towards understanding NNGOs’ current needs and constraints, how they coordinate within wider networks, and how to move forward to ensure more active NNGO coordination can help better serve the response effort. Based on members’ needs and requests, NCCI hopes to use this first meeting as a platform for further meetings in the very near future to progress the issues discussed.
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