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19 Aug 2014

NCCI Continues to Map National NGOs in Iraq

  • Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) aims to enhance the effectiveness of humanitarian action in Iraq. NCCI therefore tries to foster cooperation on a national level between the NGOs active in the different Iraqi governorates. To help us achieve this goal, NCCI started mapping national NGOs (NNGOs) in Iraq in 2012.

The project is still ongoing and has currently mapped 586 NNGOs across all (18) Iraqi provinces. The necessary information is gathered through a questionnaire, interested national NGOs can contact us at and we will send them the questionnaire as soon as possible.

The mapping contains 5 general information sections:

1.     General information: 10 questions about issues such as contact info, registration info, geographical coverage and number of employees.

2.     Role and Mission: 5 questions covering recent projects, sectors of work, and capacity gaps.

3.     Institutional Capacity: 4 questions on organizational capacities.

4.     Transparency: 6 questions covering financial management, financial reporting and monitoring.

5.      Networking: 7 questions on coordination efforts, mechanisms, public relations and advocacy efforts.  

The NGO mapping will be used for different outputs in the future. So far we have used the database to identify and facilitate partnerships, to inform organizations who want to plan capacity building projects and for other projects that are relevant for national NGOs.

This mapping project is being developed with the support of the Swiss Development Cooperation Agency (SDC).

In light of the current IDP crisis, NCCI is enhancing its coordination efforts and has developed an additional interactive map, which is sent with the weekly field report, about the location of NGOs in Iraq.

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