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05 Aug 2014

NCCI Prepares 2014 Strategic Review Process for Members

  • Tuesday, 05 August 2014

Following on from strategic discussions that took place at NCCI's General Assembly in March 2014, a detailed plan has been put together by the Executive and Board for a comprehensive review of the strategic approach, in light of the emergency situation that has developed this year inside Iraq. Members will play a central role in shaping the future strategic direction of NCCI, which continues to adapt its structure and services to respond to the shifting needs of the NGO community.
The strategic review will enable NCCI to develop a detailed observation of how NCCI is currently positioned within its mandate as the country-wide forum in Iraq for NGO coordination, joint advocacy and information sharing. The future strategic role of NCCI can then be assessed and planned for to ensure it accurately reflects the humanitarian and development needs of populations inside Iraq.

The first phase of the strategic review process for 2014 will consist of an online survey that will be completed by NCCI's member NGOs. The survey will enable NCCI to assess the perceptions of members towards the current spectrum of services and activities and identify any gaps or areas for additional focus. NCCI greatly values the participation and contribution of the member NGO community and is confident that this participatory-focused approach to strategic planning will ensure a well-informed information base from which to make important strategic decisions. The survey will be circulated soon by email and an additional link posted on this page for easy access.

The second stage of the process will take the form of a strategic workshop to inform the development of a three year strategic framework for NCCI, which will cover the period 2015-17. Members, observers, donors and other key stakeholders will be invited to attend this event in due course. 

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