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24 Jun 2014

NCCI Extends Services to Agencies That Are Not Yet Operational in Iraq

  • Tuesday, 24 June 2014

As a result of the recent conflict and deterioration of the situation in Iraq, over 1 million civilians have been displaced. Since January 2014, 480,000 people have fled the ongoing fighting in the Anbar governorate. Furthermore an estimated 500,000 people were displaced from within and around the city of Mosul in the course of just one week in early June, in addition to around 100,000 displaced from the Tel Afar district during the last week, and thousands in Diyala, Salah ad-Din, and Kirkuk governorates. Given the increased likelihood that this conflict might  keep spreading to other Iraqi cities, the number of IDPs will increase even more in the near future. In response to the IDP humanitarian crisis, many humanitarian NGOs (both national and international) are responding to the needs of the displaced population across the country.
NCCI is following its Charter objective to ensure that humanitarian needs are identified, lobbied and eventually met, and to maintain a coordination forum to avoid duplication of efforts and ensure the most efficient use of resources.
NCCI was already issuing weekly reports on the security situation in Anbar and the main needs of Anbar IDPs, and has now also started to include information on other IDPs in response to this protracted crisis.  NCCI and its member NGOs have also developed a mapping of activities that are being carried out on the humanitarian response by the range of different NGOs, which will be further expanded and will be regularly updated. Furthermore NCCI is managing general coordination of International and National NGOs that are involved in the humanitarian response, through active information sharing between our members, UN agencies, donors and any other actors involved in the response. Finally we are facilitating contacts and bilateral relations between these actors to guarantee a quick and efficient response.
Considering the current emergency situation, NCCI is offering most of its services to agencies that are not yet operational in Iraq, more information about our services is available at http://ncciraq.org/en/about/members/become-a-member#services  
We request all agencies intending to commence assessments or programming in Iraq to contact NCCI before arriving in Iraq. The NCCI Information and Communications Coordinator in Amman, Ben Hargreaves () is the primarily point of contact in the region.
Other points of contact inside Iraq are:
Baghdad office ,
-  Erbil office

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