27 May 2014

Introduction of the NCCI Kurdistan Region of Iraq NGO Coordination Forum (KNCF)

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the newly formed NCCI Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) NGO Coordination Forum- KNCF.

The KNCF was established by a consortium of NCCI’s Board, Executive and Members in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) as a response to the increased presence in the KRI of both international and national NGOs responding to the protracted displacement of Syrians, and assistance to internally displaced persons in the region. The KNCF works to efficiently coordinate humanitarian efforts amongst NGOs and to collectively carry the voice of NGOs in the humanitarian response/s specifically in the KRI.

The KNCF provides a forum in which NGOs are able to better coordinate in response to a rapidly changing humanitarian environment. Key activities of the KNCF include the following:

i.    Information-sharing and Communication – ensuring effective and transparent sharing of information relevant to both Forum members and external stakeholders;
ii.    Coordination – enhancing coordination of NGO activities through meetings and relationships with in civil society, as well as with external stakeholders, including ensuring continuous and consistent NGO representation and unified messaging/approach with donors, UN agencies, government bodies, and other external forums within KRI, regionally, and internationally;
iii.    Policy and Advocacy – representing the interests of its members in external meetings, policy discussions, advocacy meetings and documents, and lobbying on issues of common interest relating to the humanitarian response and space;
iv.    Lessons Learned and Accountability - Promoting and ensuring best practices and lessons in accountability and humanitarian action in KRI.

Relationship with NCCI
The KNCF is established under the umbrella of the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI). The strategic direction of the KNCF shall be decided by its Members, facilitated by the Steering Committee. NCCI will provide a Forum Coordinator for supporting the KNCF, in collaboration with the Steering Committee. In addition, NCCI will provide to the forum field support and information collection through its field staff. Furthermore through the NCCI Regional Office in Amman, NCCI shall provide in-person presence at SIRF meetings, supporting the KNCF Steering Committee representative.

The KNCF is governed by a Steering Committee, which consists of 6 members of the Forum, a KNCF Coordinator/NCCI Board Member and includes at least one national NGO. Membership of the Steering Committee is decided every 6 months.

Current members of the Steering Committee include:

1.    Handicap International (Current Chair)
2.    DRC
3.    NRC
4.    MercyCorps
5.    ACTED
6.    TBC

NOTE! Each of the Steering Committee Members are focal points for different stakeholders, please see below the list of names for each stakeholder group:

UN: Kate Holland (Project Development Manager- ACTED)
SIRF: KNCF Helen Tirebuck (Emergency Programmes Director- MercyCorps) , , NCCI Regional Office Benjamin Hargreaves
Donors: Rebecca Dibb (Programme Director – NRC)
Government: Benedetta Di Cintio (Country Representative Handicap International)

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