06 May 2014

NCCI Continues to Hold Emergency Coordination Meetings on the Anbar Humanitarian Crisis

In response to the protracted crisis that has developed as a result of the political and security deterioration in Anbar, the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) is holding Emergency Coordination Meetings with International and National NGOs that are involved in the humanitarian response. The Emergency Coordination Meetings are important in order to provide a coordination space for NGOs in which information can be shared on the developing political and security situation, numbers and geographic locations of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), changing humanitarian needs and priorities for those caught up in the conflict, humanitarian access, and the different activities that are being carried out in each of the different response sectors.

Additionally, NCCI and its member NGOs have developed a mapping of activities that are being carried out on the humanitarian response by the range of different NGOs, which will be further expanded and is regulary updated. The enabling of a free flow of information is important within NCCI's mandate for coordination and is particularly important with regards to the current humanitarian situation in Iraq, which is changing rapidly as a result of events occuring inside Anbar province. The Emergency Coordination Meetings are held at the NCCI office or members offices in Baghdad and NCCI encourages all NGOs that are active on the Anbar crisis response to attend.


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