27 Jul 2016

Preparing for Mosul

With the pace of military operations around Mosul increasing, preparedness for imminent large-scale humanitarian operations is an urgent necessity. It is expected that up to one million people could be displaced following future operations to retake Mosul, and there remain major concerns about where and how to host these newly displaced persons.

Responding to these concerns NCCI organized a country directors’ meeting on the 21st of July, followed by a meeting between NGOs and the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) on the 26th. At the country directors’ meeting several concerns were raised regarding the planning assumptions and funding available for the expected Mosul humanitarian response. As an NGO community, attendees also looked at how NCCI could add value as a forum to facilitate a more coordinated response to what is expected to be a large-scale humanitarian response. NCCI’s role will also look into facilitating partnerships between international and local NGOs.

Following the country directors’ meeting NCCI facilitated a meeting between NGOs and the Humanitarian Coordinator. Here the HC and the attending NGOs discussed the planning and expected timeframe of the Mosul relief operation. The HC presented the planning processes being led by the UN at present, provided updates on the recent Washington pledging conference for Iraq and answered NGOs’ questions and concerns about the Mosul response. NCCI continues to support planning processes for the Mosul response, ensuring both that it’s NGO members are kept informed of all relevant information it can provide, and that NGOs are fully represented in all relevant strategic planning fora.

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